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Can you remember the world without the internet? How about when the web first started, remember how plain and static this first websites appeared?

Thank goodness those days are long gone. Todays technologies allow us to build intelligent, responsive and scaleable, data driven application that meet your needs while maintaining high levels of site retention and user experience.

When the ‘one shoe fits all’ saying really doesn’t stack up, you need to consider custom/bespoke development and get the web app that really does what you need it to do.


15+ years experience within cloud/web-based application design has seen our developers work on projects for TFL (Transport for London), BBC, CRB (Criminal records Bureau) as well as building numerous custom platforms for particular customer needs.

Recent projects include GymNetWorx - A cloud-based membership platform for the gym and rehabilitation sector, WebLab-CMS, an enterprise level Content Management System that powers one of the largest cricket websites in the UK, CRMs, Event Management platforms and more.


Microsoft ASP.NET

Our preferred development platform, C# and VB.NET provide everything needed to build secure, scalable web applications.

With secure integration into MSSQL for data-driven application, Proximity has built and maintains highly secure systems for their clients, with Military Grade Data Encryption, PCI compliance and online payment integrations as required.

Data Driven Content

Sometimes ‘static’ is just not good enough! But what is ‘Data Driven’?

Data-driven sites are normally CMS based with the ability to manipulate content via an online dashboard. This could cover page updates, news feeds, blogs and more.

Every eCommerce site out there is ‘data-driven’ … that gives you scope on how powerful this content delivery mechanism is!

User Experience

It's one this having a great looking website, but if your visitors can’t figure out where things are or how it works, you’ll lose them as quickly as you found them.

Good UX (User Experience) is a key step in our design and development process. Our approach is to engage testing early into the build and work with different approaches to the application that ultimately results in a high user satisfaction experience.

All The Tools

Our flexibility and agile approach to development allow us to use the latest trends and features today's internet offers us. jQuery (which allows full client-side development options) is an essential part of our toolkit, as is Twitter’s Bootstrap and together we use them to produce fast, interactive web platforms together with AJAX, JSON and SOAP interfaces.

Recent projects have also allowed us to work within Unity3D; a C# 3D game and app building platform.



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