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Mobile & Tablet Applications for iOS & Android

Mobile Apps for Apple iOS

Talk to our mobile app developers to see how we can get your brand ... mobile!

Get huge brand exposure within the Apple App Store...

Mobile Apps for Android

With cross platform development, our team can get you to the Android marketplace at the same time as distributing to Apple!

There's An App For That!

The success of iPhone and Android, the emergence of Tablet computing, and the promise of Desktop Linux have created great opportunities for application development … as well as creating a new set of challenges.

While the market for applications is larger than ever before, developing and supporting multiple platforms can be complicated and expensive.

Proximity overcome this problem by offering rapid mobile application development using Titanium and Appcelerator.

What is Appcelerator?

A new platform and services company that enables Web developers to build intuitive, content-rich applications for Mobile, Tablet and Desktop platforms.

By using Titanium Appcelerator products and services, we are able to:
  • Increase revenue by creating new applications that have the richness of web content and the performance and capabilities of mobile devices and the desktop apps
  • Cut development time in half by building apps once and deploying on multiple platforms.
  • Drive down development costs by building applications with the knowledge we have today.
  • Avoid vendor lock-in by using an open platform that maximises your choices.

As an application development platform, Appcelerator is backed by Storm Ventures, Sierra Ventures, and eBay, Appcelerator, Inc. was founded in 2006 by Web development experts.

Our own natural progression in software development has allowed us to partner with Appcelerator to provide rapid software development to mobile devices, delivering native apps for cross platform use.

Titanium Appcelerator Overview

APP Development

You've found the right people.  Our 'code once, deploy to multiple platforms' approach gives you easy ways to market via Apple and Android App Stores.

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