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A huge amount of todays high street commerce has moved online. Love it or hate it, it's not going away!

There are certainly plenty of ways to get your products online and start selling to a global audience, but where do you start?

We have found that despite the wealth of eCommerce platform out there, 90% of people either want something simple that ‘just works’ or for larger sites, ‘something robust and scaleable .... and just works!’.

With this in mind, we have tailored our eCommerce solutions to two preferred solutions: WooCommerce, which is powered via the massively popular WordPress platform, or

NOPCommerce - an enterprise level eCommerce platform capable of managing huge online stores, in multiple currencies and languages and is built on the Microsoft .NET platform, our preferred development language.


Of course, both of our preferred eCommerce platforms take all manor of different payment gateways to allow you to process orders and receive payment, quickly and easily with each order placed.

With integrated access to PayPal, Stripe, WorldPay to name a few, what happens if you need something outside of the standard card payment options.

Our experience working with GoCardless has recently seen us implement a fullly automated subscription service that uses standard banking Direct Debits to process payments, while providing both the client and their customers full control over the payment mechanisms.

eCommerce can be more than just online shops. If you have a need for a payment process that works outside of the box, talk to one of our developers to discuss your needs!



'If the glove fits' and 'why reinvent the wheel' are phrases we've all heard, but if the simple soultion is to take somethoing off the shelf and it meets your needs, hey - why not!

Our designers work with WooCommerce and NOPCommerce every day and as much of the heavy lifting is already in place with these two great solutions, it can save you a bundle on getting your shop online if you go this route!.


We work with GoCarless, one of the new payment providers on the block and their powerful developer API and robust backend services for processing recurring payments via the standard banking Direct Debit schemes, makes bespoke payment options easy to workwith for more complicated projects.

You can learn more about GoCardless here


Our own Web CMS platform, WebLab Content Management has build it tools for integrating with NOPCommerce, out of the box.

With the power of WebLab, coupled with the dynamics of NOP, we can tailor a fully CMS based platform for all of your web content, social media news and product base in one single solution.


Security in anything we do is always a top priority and in todays ever increaing security concious world, we work with data protection, GDPR and PCI compliance every day.

Being able to provide compliant, PCI safe hosting of our payment sites is also another string in our bow, and one a lot of web companies will struggle to offer.



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