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Search Engine Optimisation


Promoting your website for maximum visibility across the web

There are many ways of doing this, but the best ways are those tailored to your specific objectives and business goals. We use our tried and tested, ethical approach towards high Google, Bing and Yahoo search engine placement and we are very unlike many other SEO companies in Nottingham and actually take an interest in your long-term search engine success; not just giving you short-term results!

What about SEM?

SEM is Seach Engine Marketing; basically promotional of your site or services through targeted, paid adverts.

You may have heard of Googles AdWords, which invented the idea of paying for ad placements but as the social media platforms have grown, so has their visibility with thousands of users and therefore, thousands of potential customers.

Our SEM campaigns use social media advertising, data capture landing pages and GDPR compliant eMarketing methods to get your message across Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and others and what's more, they can be fully tailored to your needs and budgets.


A common assumption is that once a website is launched, visitors will flock to it in their hundreds or thousands. Unfortunately, this is by no means the case, which is why SEO should become an on-going part of every business' marketing campaign.

Our dedicated SEO team work with the latest optimisation software to get you noticed in Google, Bing and Yahoo - the three biggest search engines around the world.

As search criteria and indexing algorithms change constantly, staying ahead of your competition and in touch with the latest trends in visitor searching could be key to your site's success.

We offer tailored SEO packages designed to get you noticed, and while we would never guarantee you a 'page 1, position 1' listing (and any SEO company ever should), we do have proven results on the sites we have worked with to get them higher visibility, increased site hits and ultimately, better Return On Investment (ROI).

Code, Content and Meta Optimisation

It's not just about the words on your page! Good SEO looks at code compliance, markup standards, Meta Data relevancy, internal linking and error checking and more …

Our SEO packages cover everything needed to perform effective Search Engine Optimisation to your site.

Dedicated SEO Professional

Whether you’re looking at SEO or SEM, your appointed account manager will be able to advise you on everything we do to help promote your site.

For SEM plans, we can help you with artwork, video production, copywriting and social placement to aid your campaign and will always work within your defined daily budgets.

Targeted Monthly Reporting

All Online Marketing and Promotional services are backed by monthly reporting of just how we’re doing.

Current and historical improvements can be tracked (along with your competitor analysis) and our SEO professionals are happy to work with you to improve your campaigns at any time during our service to you.

Best Of All - No Contracts!

It’s worth noting that good Organic SEO is not an overnight fix, however! Effective SEO plans take a little while to establish, but will always last longer and provide better long-term results than the ‘quick fixes’ that plague our industry!

Our SEO plans are based on a rolling monthly arrangement, but we do ask you to give us at least 3 months to start proving we can make a difference!



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